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Antibody Microarray              


Antibody microarray is a high-throughput platform for efficient profiling of protein expressions. Our ELISA-based antibody arrays allow researchers to study hundreds of proteins in a single experiment. Compared to the conventional methods, our antibody arrays provide a much more cost-effective means for protein investigation.


How it works


Antibodies are covalently immobilized on high quality glass surface coated with our proprietary 3-D polymer materials. Cell or tissue lysates, serum, plasma, or culture media, are labeled by biotin and then coupled to the antibodies on the slide. Detection is through dye-labeled streptavidin. When fluorescent dye-streptavidin is used, the array slides can be read on most microarray scanners.



  • Protein expression profiling (Qualitative)

  • Examine phosphorylation changes at specific sites (Phospho Antibody Arrays)

  • Compare profiles of normal, diseased or treated samples

  • Investigate downstream pathway activities

  • Identify candidate biomarkers


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